Why to Invest in Mazatlan Real Estate?

According to the US census bureau 55% of the people in United States want to move when they retire.

The reason is very simple, they want to make sure they are investing properly and spending wisely their life savings, they also want to make sure they have a comfortable lifestyle with a fix income.

They have found out they can own a first class property and have a premium life style in beautiful Mexico for half of what it would cost them in United States or Canada; in addition to that there is the wonderful weather.

Many of the baby boomers are investing in Mazatlan Real Estate because it has all what they are looking for, climate, art, culture, food, activities, value but most of all affordability. An interesting fact is that a high percentage of the foreign investment is from middle age people who are looking into get an important return for their investment, how is that? Well, consider this, to invest in a property that will pay off it self by renting it, maybe the first years won’t represent an earning but eventually will and don’t forget getting and excellent profit when re-sale it, or keep it as a retirement home when the time comes. All this possibilities have been considered by the thousands of happy property owners of Mazatlan Real Estate.

There are properties available for all budgets, it depends on the size of house or condo and the area where you want to live. For investment purposes it is more desirable to invest in a gated community that also offered resort type facilities which will rent out easily and has a great value for the premium life style that offers.

This morning I was having a cup of coffee in one of the cafes in Marina Mazatlan area and felt the fresh breeze on my face while sipping my aromatic coffee and thought this is Paradise!! To me Paradise is: been able to enjoy a nice weather, been able to afford the quality life I want and deserve, to have friends who I share same interest with, to walk on the beach any time I want to, swim in warm waters beaches, to take a deep breath while watching the most beautiful sunset and not worry about any thing but enjoy life, family and friends. I have my own piece of Paradise here in Mazatlan; have you found yours??

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