Blue Shirt Team in Mazatlan

Mazatlan has captivated many people along the years, Tourist after their first visit always come back. Some others just fall in love and want to move in as soon as possible. I can say that the foreign community has become locals, Mazatlan is really their home.

There is a group of foreign Volunteers who wear a blue T-shirt and you can see them any where in Mazatlan: Centro Historico, Malecon, Golden Zone, Down Town, Beaches; their mission is to provide of information or directions to tourists with the only purpose of making them feel welcome and secure. For the blue shirt group Mazatlan is home, so they really care about it, they are also aware that even tough Mazatlecos are great people, friendly and helpful, they feel more comfortable with the familiar language and communication style, tourist trust their countryman opinion.

This shows how much they love Mazatlan.

This initiative emerged after the unfair and untruth portrayal by the international media of Mazatlan as an unsafe place to live or visit, so they started to think on what they could do to help. Some of them have been living in Mazatlan for many years, some full time, some part time, even people who only come for vacation but on regularly bases.

Roger who is a trip advisor, asked if any one would be interested to do something, a week after they were having their fist meeting with 25 volunteers. They share their love for Mazatlan and know Mazatlan is not what it appears to be in the news.

They have made their own shirts and banners, the main purpose is to provide of information and directions to tourist, make them feel welcome so they know what a safe and wonderful place Mazatlan is.

“Mazatlan Tourist Aide Volunteers” as they named themselves, is an independent group, they are not affiliated nor sponsored by any business. Now they are close to 50 volunteers and tourism students from the State University are volunteering as well; The Sinaloa Tourism Office is providing training to the volunteers on places, things people and detailed information to support the great job they are doing unselfish, just one more thing to say to the volunteers:

“Thank you for loving Mazatlan”    

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