The sun is setting in a warm afternoon, I hear the sound of the seagulls flying to find a place to sleep, and then I see the slow movements of the lazy Pelicans to do the same. There are a lot people cheerfully having trivial conversation, the fisherman getting ready to go out and the solemnity they do it with looks more like a ritual done for hundreds of years. Now I see the pangas(fishing boats) first dancing a waltz and as they go further they increase the speed until they reach their point of encounter with the fish; then they stop and turn on the big light and wait. After this everything will be up to their expertise, when they see the first fish sparkle in the water they know its time to fish.

This Phenomenon happens only once a year during May, it is now part of the many traditions we have in Mazatlan. This specie is known as California halfbeak (Hyporhamphus rosae) and it is found from the south of California to Peru, but it is in the warm waters of Mazatlan where they reproduce themselves. There are records of their presence since 1880.

In Mazatlan it is a great happening awaited for all locals, every afternoon they go to Playa Norte where all the fisherman take their boats and go out fishing for “Pajaritos”, this fishing has to be done only at night, and to attract the attention of the fish the fisherman make sure to have a big light in the boat and then they extend the fishing net to get them; from the beach it is a fabulous spectacle to see dozens of lights in horizon.

But the locals don’t go only because they like the spectacle; they go because they can get the freshest fish at a very reasonable price. This small fish can reach the maximum size of 11 inches but it is a real delicacy, it is usually cook deep fry and accompaniment (garnish) with beans and fresh tomato, onion, lime and cilantro salsa, you can enjoy it with just made tortillas. Mazatlan is the only place where it is fished so that makes it a very special meal.

There are many things that make Mazatlan unique and fabulous, we have a wonderful weather all year around, history and culture, wonderful beaches for all type of water sport activities, food and friendly people; in Mexico Mazatlan is the tourist destination more affordable than any other. For all this Mazatlan Real Estate has an excellent value and now is attracting a lot of the international investments.

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