Sea of Cortez and Pacific Mexico

On board of Om Shanty, they set sail on June 01, 1993, for the first time the 3 together, Shawn, Heather and Om Shanty. Neither of them thought all the adventures and good times waiting for them beyond the horizon. Om Shanty is more than the sail boat; she is the path that takes to paradise, to perfection; a witness of what it takes to make a wish into reality.

Shawn and Heather have done a wonderful job by making the best Sea Of Cortez and Pacific Mexico cruiser’s guidebooks, not only for the information that it contains, very helpful when adventuring into the wonderful waters of Sea of Cortez or the beautiful Pacific, but also for the pleasure that give us of living with them this extraordinary experience. These guidebooks contain very valuable information about well travel routes, maritime information, marinas,  supplies and services including marine chandleries, places to get fuel, water, provisions, grocery stores, restaurants; their favorite spots for snorkel, scuba diving, where to get a cold beer, or just to stretch their legs; all this base on personal experience, referrals and research.  It includes beautiful photography, topography maps, radar topography data, GPS waypoints used by them.

As an important fact Sea of Cortez and Pacific Mexico have so many undiscovered wonders, not all of them are mention by Shawn and Heather, in respect for those adventures that wants to discover on their own.

By using these guides, you will be equipped with the latest most up to date cruising information available, as advice for medical considerations, money, documents, insurance, permits and licenses, HF frequency, and marine nets.

These guidebooks are a must for those ones looking in to explore and get the best experience of Sea of Cortez and Pacific Mexico, even for the ones that want to remain in land, is a great book with the best reference, pictures and history about beautiful little towns.

Members of Marina Costa Bonita Yacht Club have already used these guide books and recommend them highly.

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