The Beauty of Mexican Music

There is no question about the beauty of Mexican music in all different representations.

Mexican music pictures and tells the daily and ordinary living of Mexicans; their love, their worries, their friendships, or the sadness of loosing the love of their lives, but also shows the great heart and strong soul that has constituted a wonderful country.

Mexican music has different ensembles: from Sinaloa “La Banda” from Sonora “La Redova” from Chiapas “La marimba” from Veracruz “Conjunto Jarocho” from Yucatán “Jarana Yacateca” and of course the very well known around the world “Mariachi”.

The Mexican music is a concentration of different influences of other cultures around the world including prehispanic which is the base in this entire new genre born after the conquest in the colonial era.

This music has been changing within the years in techniques as well as wardrobe; but one thing has remained and that is the joy and the pride of the Mexican people.

The instruments required on each group:

Prehispanic – Ocarina, Caracol, 3 hole flout, huehuetl, u drums, kayum, teponaztli, ayoyotes, sonaja.

Conjunto Norteño – bass, double bass, accordion, saxophone, drums and redoba.

Banda – Clarinet, trombone, tuba, saxophone, trumpet, bass drum, tarola and cymbal.

Marimba – Marimba, guiro, double bass, bass drum

Conjunto Jarocho – Requinto jarocho, Jarana Jarocha, Leona, Harp, Tambourine, Marimbol, Quijada and Güiro.

Mariachi –  Violin, Guitar, Mexican Vihuela, 25-string guitar, trumpet.

Even though the Mariachi existed before the XX century, it was during the Golden years of the Mexican cinema that became more popular (40’s-60’s) when young and handsome artists like Pedro Infante, Jorge Negrete, Javier Solis, sang and played Boleros and Rancheros songs, starring the ideal life of the country side. Some of the most renowned musicians and composers are  Juventino Rosas, José Alfredo Jimenez, Alvaro Carrillo, José Pablo Moncayo, Rubén Fuentes, Agustín Lara, María Griber, Armando Manzanero and many more. It is also truth that many of the popular Mexican songs got popular by the people for singing them but their origin or authors are unknown.

Great talent has been born and rise in Mexican territory and now it is recognize all over the world.

There are so many reasons why Mexico has been chosen as one of the ten best places in the world to retire. Mazatlan combines the best characteristics of Mexico: Beaches, History, Culture, Food, Music, Activities, Affordability and Friendly People; that is why Mazatlan Real Estate has a real Value.

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