Mazatlan Real Estate Boost

Mazatlan has woken up from a long and heavy lethargy. In the last few years there have been enormous advances in matters of investments, maybe at a speed that we didn’t expect, however it had happened. Even the most reluctant players and those in opposition to the change in the way of seeing things in this beautiful corner of Mexico are understanding, little by little, that Mazatlan could not and should not have been a hostage to “Caciques” (old world bosses) attitudes, the same ones that weakened us for decades in an unpardonable and irresponsible ostracism.

Presently Mazatlan is going through an intense building stage. The constructions are often spectacular like the convention center, the Marina, incredible high rise towers, hotel complexes, golf courses and lot more. The eyes of Real Estate investors around the world have begun to turn toward the most important tourist city on the Sea of Cortez. This is because of a change in the State politics of investments which owes a great deal to the present state administration. They decided to bet every thing on Mazatlan, the most active tourist Development in the State.

The big impulse that the politics of investment has given to Mazatlan has placed it on the cusp of rising investments on a state level. It has generated an unprecedented injection of fresh economic resources in the realm of construction, employment and of course, financing. This spectacular growth in Mazatlan (the same that was projected 30 years ago, there are documents to prove it) should have happened earlier, but lack of vision by local authorities and investors irresponsibly postponed it.

Five years ago it resumed again, very intensely, with the arrival of a new state administration. In addition to excellently carrying out  the promotion of investments, changes have been made in the legal and administrative structure so that administrative ties were legal, which they were not for decades and thus were main obstacles to get around.

With the sensational investments that have been generated in Mazatlan and since some of these Developments and Projects are in the first phase of execution or in the planning stages, we are sure that Mazatlan in the short term outlook will go through another boom, which really isn’t any thing different than an explosion in the raising number of all kinds of tourist, visitors and foreigners living here. If you are interested in investing in Mazatlan take a look into Mazatlan Real Estate

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