When To Get A FM2 Or FM3 Visa If Investing In Mazatlan Real Estate

Mexico is a friendly Country and its doors are wide open to welcome foreign to visit short and long-term or to live full time in this beautiful Country. As any Country there are some regulations to follow in the benefit of the Citizenry.

There are different types of Visas that are needed to visit Mexico and depending on the purpose of the visit.

If you are just on short period vacation as tourist you apply for FMM Visa which allow you to visit Mexico for short period of time (less than 6 months) and you can get it at the port entry or with the Airline you are traveling with.

If you are planning to stay in Mexico more than 6 months then you should request a FM3 Visa-Long-term non immigrant Visa. This is a renewable long-term visa and allows you for a non immigrant long-term residency. In order to have a FM3 Visa approve is necessary to be financially able to support your self while you are in Mexico or to prove a steady income for your Country. There is no maximum or minimum amount. When you get your FM3 visa it may be renew for 4 more years (5 years total); then when this time expires another FM3 Visa has to be requested and will be valid for another 5 years (renewable every year).

You can apply for a FM3 Visa with the Mexican Consulate if you aren’t in Mexico or in Mexico when you are for a short stay and using a FMM Tourist Visa.

The FM2 Visa is requested if you want to live in Mexico for longer time periods, more than a year or permanent residency or Mexican Citizenship.

It is not mandatory to have a FM3 Visa before or in order to have a FM2 Visa, and in case you had one it does not apply as reference in the qualification time period. If your main purpose is to get the long-term residency or the Mexican Citizenry then you should request it as soon as possible so your qualification period starts counting.

When you have a FM2 Visa and you have approved the qualification period you are eligible to apply for full residency, once is accepted you obtain full rights and responsibilities as any Mexican; Naturalized Citizens also can vote in Mexican elections. After this you can apply for Mexican for the Mexican Citizenship, but you don’t have to you can have a FM2 visa indefinitely. You don’t have to give up your national passport either you have the FM2 or applied for Citizenship.

If you have a FM2 Visa and leave Mexico staying away for more than 2 years or 5 years in a period of 10 years you lose your permanent residency.

The majority of people who request for this Visa are:

Retirees- People over 50 years old who wants to participate in non-remunerative activities and are receiving founds from their home Country, like a pension, investments or a fixed income.

Investors- People who are interested to invest in Mexico, for Industry or Services.   

Professionals- Qualified professionals can have their certificates validated by the Mexican Consulate in your Country and request an immigration Visa. Same for qualified Technicians or Scientist, Mexico issue a Visa that aloud them to live and work in Mexico under the sponsorship of a foreign Company.

Artist and Sports- This people should apply for a FM2 long-term Visa, but each case is considered individually.

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