Home Owners Association in Mazatlan

The home owners associations first emerged in United States in the middle of the 1800’s but it became popular in 1960. The way they work in Mexico is a little bit different than they do in United States.

With the arrival of the many baby boomers getting involve in the community and buying property not only lots but houses and condominiums, it arise the necessity to create a HOA, specially once the developer finish selling the property and had no responsibility or benefit over it.

One of the main requirements in order to be in the HOA, is that you have to be an owner of a property in that specific complex, and you have to be elected by the other home owners voluntarily.

It is a non profitable organization, with the only interest to protect the value of the property.

The obligations of the HOA, is to control and administrate the common areas, to make rules and regulations that will benefit all home owners, to protect their property, and that may include to stop any changes in the architectural design, color, common areas and landscape; to keep a good maintenance that will be reflected in the value of the property. Also to share expenses and that will make it less expensive to maintain the quality of the amenities. HOA usually have monthly meetings to let home owners know new things going on, or just the report of the month, home owners can vote and substitute any of the members of the HOA at any time if they consider it necessary.

A gated community is a new form of residential community and by having 24 hr security, it controls the trespassing of not invited people; when having a guest, the home owner have to notified the security guard so he can let them in, and the guard will ask for an Id to make sure they are welcome. Privacy and security is the main privilege in a gated community.

It is important that before you buy a property, you know about the rules and regulations of that specific project, to make sure it is compatible with your life style.

Also check on the developer company’s back ground, to avoid surprises.  

Mazatlan has become very popular in the last years and is because of the attractive Mazatlan Real Estate opportunities that really make sense to take advantage of it, especially when you know that the affordability is not only in Real Estate but over all in the daily living for a first class life style. The best gated community is Marina Costa Bonita; they are the only ones in Marina Condos that are as well in front of the beach and have unmatched facilities. Mazatlan Real Estate is not only to buy a property, it is to own a dream home, to have the life style you always wanted, so why not to swim in to the ocean of luxury, pampering, exciting activities, great weather, beautiful beaches in a peaceful atmosphere of relaxation. That is the real meaning of Paradise.

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