Health Care and Mazatlan Condos

Mazatlan as we all know is a beautiful beach tourist destination, a colorful city with enchanting traditions and remarkable History, a city with exquisite cuisine, a city with amazing art and culture, a city with the most friendly people in Mexico. This is one of the main reasons why a lot people from United States and Canada are moving in to Mazatlan for all the vibrant energy in it, and for the affordability.

With the high demand, Mazatlan had to improve in services too, in order to keep attractive for the already existing foreign community and for the ones to come; one of the important improvements is the Medical Care. It is internationally known that Mexican Doctors are exceptional and love their profession so you can expect from them a superb service. There are very good Hospitals with professional staff highly trained with the latest technology and equipment in a Resort setting so patients can have privacy, and prime service.

 What is interesting here is the inexpensive health care in Mazatlan and that is the biggest benefit of this new asset. 

Within the years it has become popular the term Medical Tourism and Mexico is heading from the different countries around the world that are eligible to be chosen. As I mention before it combines proximity and easy access, great service and low cost, actually a third of what it would cost in United States and Canada. The most common services are:

Dental Care, Plastic Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Weight loss Surgery, Nee and Hip Surgery, Physical Therapy, Radiology and Laboratory Services.

These are the best Hospitals


Av. Rafaél Buelna esq. Kumate

Phone  (669) 986 5676

                      986 5677

                      986 5678


Av. Revolución y Gral. Cabanillas

Col. López Mateos

Zip. 82140

Phone  (669) 983 1777

                      983 1524


Belisario Domínguez 2203

Col .Centro

Zip. 82000

Phone  (669) 985 2788

OCEANICA (Betty Ford)

Phone (669) 988 1188

It is important to mention that most of the Doctors speak English and you will find the one that you feel comfortable with. The foreign community vote for their favorite Doctor and is announce in the English local news paper. Dr. Levid Torres Guzman has won for 3 years in a roll; just to give you an idea how well integrated the foreign community is.

Real Estate in Mazatlan is very attractive but by far the best value in Mazatlan Condos is Marina Costa Bonita that only offers the best for its owners; owners at Marina Costa Bonita enjoy a especial VIP health package with Sharp Hospital, they care about your well been and do everything possible to make you feel safe, comfortable, confident in other words AT HOME.

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