Mazatlan Real Estate is attracting fisherman looking for Value

Mazatlan, also called “The Pearl of the Pacific” is famous for its year round excellent fishing and it has been like that since the 60’s when Hollywood stars like John Wayne, Errol Flynn and Rock Hudson started coming frequently to enjoy Mazatlan’s world class fishing, weather and laid-back atmosphere.

With the construction of the largest marina in Latin America, Mazatlan has given a new name to the fishing travel and real estate industry. Marina Mazatlan now has first class accommodations and services for those looking for the ultimate fishing experience and the best of all is that now the entertainment is for the hole family since there are many other activities to be enjoyed such as excursions to explore the real and unique Mexican towns in the surroundings, vibrant night life, historic center tours, pampering spas and walking around the Malecon (boardwalk). This last one is the local’s favorites who enjoy a simple life spending some time in the largest boardwalk in Mexico. 

 Marina Mazatlan is getting a lot of recognition now that the Marina Mazatlan Golf Course and the Convention Center are open. There are many developments offering first class service and amenities to the now discerning buyer.

Driving around you’ll notice beautifull Marina Condos, new bars and restaurants a prestigious University and the Marina Mazatlan Beach Club that just opened doors recently. We are all looking forward for the shooping mall that will start construction this year (2010).

When fishing in Mazatlan, you have to take in consideration the time of the year, if you want to go deep sea fishing for Marlin, Dorado, Sailfish or Tuna. Maybe you prefer bottom fishing and catch a Red Snapper or a Grouper. The “Capitan” plays an important role since they know were to go, what bait to use and when to throw the line.

Similar to fishing in the Ocean is fishing for real estate. You have to consider the best time of the year depending on what you want to get. The developer you choose has to have experience, be well known and financially strong; the location is always a crucial part since you are looking for the best value you can afford.

Many “fisherman” have now come to realize Mazatlan Real Estate offers great prices with unforgettable lifetime experiences, meeting their expectations by far specially for those looking to enjoy the real Mexico,  rich culture and great weather.

Prestigious developers, the government and the society in general are being active in the present development of Mazatlan.

They are working very hard to make sure Mazatlan remains a city offering great services, solid infrastructure and a stable economy.

Special emphasis is done to preserve all sectors of the population satisfying their needs and demands. Mazatlan is aware that at the end of the day is a city built by people for the people to enjoy.

Fishing in Mazatlan is an unforgettable experience. Fishing for Mazatlan Real Estate, when done it right, is the best experience ever.

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