Discover Mazatlan Real Estate Best Value Between Condos Vs. Houses

It is always the big question, when you are searching for your best second home option; should it be a house or a Condo?

Here there are some of the facts you have to consider before making your decision, especially if you are or will be retired.

One of the benefits is the sense of high class way of life, with out paying a lot of money for it. Just think of having a beautiful garden and landscape with out removing stuck leaves from drain pipes, or plumbing, these and other maintenance issues, are easily solve by the maintenance foreman rendered by condo administrator; You just call and wait. Having a Pool, Gym, Spa, Restaurant, Security and not pay it all yourself. Also when traveling, you are sure that everything in your Condo will be fine, you do not have to worry about it; just close your door and that is it. And let’s face it, a lot of people can’t really have all these in their own homes. Another important fact, it is the fun life in community; like sharing similar preferences and hobbies, taking a class of line dance or Salsa, cooking lessons, Spanish lessons, Golfing, Fishing, Yoga, or simply have an afternoon cocktail while playing bridge.

That is the meaning of Real Value, when you get more than what you paid for; cheaper is not always the best, we are talking about Great Value.

That is why a lot of people from United States and Canada are moving in to Mazatlan, they have discovered the real value about a great quality way of daily living for a third of what they will be paying in their home towns.

Not only that but the excellent services in the City, History, Art, and most of all local friendly people and very well establish foreign communities.

A very important aspect that you have to consider is where you want to live, as an example:

Location is what will increase the value of your property.

Local services and Infrastructure, to be sure you will have the quality you are expecting.

Local Amenities, you want to have a great time every day.

Do some research, to make sure the Condominium Resort you chose is well developed and the Developer Company is very solid.

I have seen a great value in Marina Condos  against condos on the beach, in price and maintenance. In Marina Mazatlan, the best Marina Condos are Marina Costa Bonita Villas Resort, for been the only one having the best of both; the nicest Marina and been just across the street from the beach. Also the amenities and facilities are beautiful, luxury and affordable. Marina Costa Bonita owners have a special VIP health package with Sharp Hospital; for these and more they not only meet your expectations but pleasantly exceed them. 

According to our 20 years experience in real estate a very high percentage  of the people that buys a house as a retirement home, end up to sale off  in no latter than 2 years, and buy a Condo instead; Do you wonder why?  The answer is simple, they didn’t consider all this facts, and found out about the disadvantages when living in it, and not before. 

Of course, there are different needs and preferences, and for some others will work out better living in a house and that is why you have to do your homework, and is call Research.

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