Mazatlan Light House, A Silent Witness Of New Mazatlan Real Estate

It is consider the highest natural working light house in the world, and besides its use for directing the maritime traffic it’s the center of an entire habitat, with a big variety of flora and fauna. If you like breathtaking views, fun walks and sports; to climb the light house it is a must, especially if you are a photography lover.

Its high it is of 157 meters and 601 long, with 321 meters wide, its light reaches up to 48 nautical miles; that makes it safer for marines and sailors.  By the ocean side of the light house, there is a big cave that has a story that date from the sixteenth century, and it is about a pirate entering there to hide his bounty, but unfortunate, the tide went up so much and it last for days, that he wasn’t able to go out again and died in there, leaving his treasure inside the cave; many people have wonder about it, but no one have been fearless enough to dare in.

It used to be an Island, and was named Creston Island, but a useful and wide breakwater was built to connect land with the Island and now is no longer an Island; the house building where the big light is, was built during 1879, and for the first time the light house started working; at the beginning it was an oil lamp and mirrors, but it was confused with a star by the sailors, so, in 1905 this lamp was substituted by a revolving light.

This invaluable piece of History is one of the many reasons that make Mazatlan unique, and increase the value of  Mazatlan real estate. For the economists that have experience in finance and real estate, these are the type of cities they recommend to invest in, because they know about real value of an investment that will always give you back more than what you paid for, either to enjoy it or just as a profitable business.

Mazatlan is full of history and remarkable places that have kept secrets along hundreds of years from its natives and culture, and they are now opening to be discovered by the world. That is why over the years more and more people have moved in to Mazatlan, looking for the best place to retire that will combine the best of everything, History, Art, Culture, Entertainment, great food, sports, People, Etc., knowing that all this combined will bring automatically Mazatlan real estate best value.

With the fast growing real estate developments I could now call the light house a silent witness of a new Era of a local and foreign community making Mazatlan a better place to live.

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