Sinaloa Colonial And Historical, Gives To Mazatlan Real Estate A Real Value

In Sinaloa you can still see the beautiful contrast of tradition and modern, of History and promising future.

A good example is all the colonial little towns that remain as time didn’t go thru, giving us the real taste of the country. Close to Mazatlan there are a lot of these towns that you can visit.

Sinaloa has a rich history in the planting and harvesting of blue agave. Through the years the surrounding areas of Mazatlan have witnessed the settlements of numerous factory Haciendas called Vinatas.

In 1876 the Osuna family started to plant and process the blue agave, with such a great success that more than 20 factories had to be installed in order to satisfy the big cities high demand. In the present time, inspired by this great history and heritage the new generations of Osuna decided to reopen the factory that had been dormant for over 30 years. Their main goal is to keep innovating the manufacturing process, in order to obtain the best quality for this famous Mexican drink, Worldwide known as Tequila.

At 25 minutes drive heading north and after a while, we will be surprised with the amazing view of endless fields of blue agave. Suddenly, among them appears Hacienda Los Osuna, a popular Tequila distillery. The view here is splendid, a huge Huanacaxtle tree frames and shadows this mystical hacienda dated of the XIX century. La Noria, a nearby colonial town with rustic factories, where local artisans work on handmade articles as: horse saddles, pottery and leather goods like, purses, belts and sandals.

For your appetite enjoyment, La Noria has a large variety of traditional dishes such as the burros prietos (dark burritos) and mole enchiladas. Recently, some of the local ladies gladly opened their homes, to offer restaurant facilities to sell these specialties at very reasonable prices
El Quelite is located 25 miles northeast of Mazatlan, on the banks of the river that bears its name. There is a quail farm, an a cheese factory and the ornamental fish tanks. The colorful village of El Quelite was the scene of major historical events during the Mexican revolution. By those years, several Rebel groups where formed and the most recognized was “Los Laureanos”, whose members were the scourge of the rich people of the region stealing the gold, that was carried thru the roads in stagecoaches, proceeding from the Sierra Madre mountains towards the coast. Nowadays, El quelite has fantastic landscapes with rural atmosphere. Cute houses with red tile roofs covered by colorful bougamvillas will amaze your eyes. When visit it you can take a walk on the narrow paving stone streets towards Lady of Guadalupe’s church, a rustic bakery and the cockfight training ranch. Something interesting that you should know about this town is that some of their natives still preserve the tradition of playing a prehispanic game called “The Ulama”.

Las Labradas   Come and know the most impressive and unique beach on the earth, two miles long beach with enormous volcanic rocks that were carved by Indians (petrglyphics) over 2000 years ago, all set along the sea shore during the eruption of “La Meseta de Cacaxtla” volcano. During your visit to this region you can also visit the community of La Chilcayota where you can have an excellent pre-hispanic lunch and also see the community museum. We highly invite you to have the experience of visiting one of the turtle sanctuaries in the northwest coasts of Mexico. North of Mazatlan there is a beach named Playa Ceuta, a virgin beach where experts collect the eggs turtle and incubated them for aprox. 45 days, after they borned they let them free to get back to the ocean being such a wonderful moment after seeing them slowly going into the water.                                                

Cosalá : The town of Cosalá is located 65 miles away from Mazatlan, at the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains. Its Pre-Hispanic name is Cozatl, which means “The place of surrounding beauty”. This charming colonial town was founded in 1562, as a mineral settlement. In the ancient times, Cosala was considered the most prosperous city in the Northwest of Mexico, and by the end of the XVIII century it became its city capital.
Nowadays, it is considered one of Sinaloa’s magic towns, due to its natural beauty, cultural riches and historical relevance.  Most of its building constructions preserve the beautiful architecture of the old times. Some of them were rich Haciendas operating now as hotels. A walk along Cosala’s narrow streets will make you feel like suspended in time; ask locals about some mysterious legends of this town. Some worth seeing buildings in Cosala are: The Santa Ursula temple, with its unique sun clock, The Lady of Guadalupe chapel, The city hall and the interesting mineral museum, which perfectly reviews Sinaloa’s mining history.

As a further attraction, only 5 miles out of Cosala you can visit “Vado Hondo” a beautiful waterfall, surrounded of green vegetation with zip lines and canopy facilities.

Quetzalli Springs located only 12 miles away from the magical town of Cosala, which is hidden in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains 60 miles north of Mazatlan. After your visit to the magical Town of Cosalá, you can drive on a truck or four wheelers through exuberant vegetation towards the springs. Hiking is also an activity that you can make as part of your trip, giving you an excellent opportunity to feel and admire nature’s atmosphere.  Once at the caves, the turquoise colored waters will invite you to swim, as you get inside the flooded caves, you will notice huge rock walls that resemble beautiful rose petals; which were formed by the erosion of wind and rain through the centuries. 

San Javier And San Ignacio. We highly invite you to visit the nearby municipality of San Ignacio located just 1 ½ hour north from Mazatlan. Get to know the missions of San Javier and San Ignacio founded by the Jesuits in the XVI century, admire the giant Christ that can be seen from miles away, see an ex monastery used now as a museum for you to see old items of the Jesuits, visit the temples of San Javier, Nuestra Señora de La Natividad and San Ignacio, see a hand made broom factory, a roof tile factory and stroll on cobblestone streets while someone tells you the scary legends that they talk about.

This is what makes Mazatlan so special and gives to Mazatlan Real Estate a great value, there are many options in Properties, Houses and Marina Condos; and makes Mazatlan the favorite for many.

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